Understanding Your Dental Insurance

Dental insurance companies may tell you they will pay 100% of your procedure.  That is only guaranteed if a dental office is IN NETWORK.   For dental offices, that means they only pay a percentage of the charges versus what your actual charges are.  Example:  If your actual charge is $100, insurance may only pay your dentist $50.  If your dental office is In Network, they must accept that amount without billing the patient the difference.  We have remained "Out of Network" in order to be able to continue to give you the personal attention and treatment quality we have always offered.  

Please understand that we provide you with state of the art dental treatment that is tailored to your personal needs versus what an insurance company says we should do.   This has been our business model since opening in 1987.

We will gladly file your dental insurance, however, we are a NOT "IN NETWORK" with ANY insurance company.  Make sure you check with your insurance company to be sure they will pay if you see an "out of network" provider prior to your visit.  You will be responsible for any amount that your insurance company does not pay.  Thank you for your understanding. 

You will ALWAYS receive TOP quality care at Drs. Morris and Morris!   

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